Rotating Equipment Services

The staff of Ten Energy has a long history of Rotating Equipment Support.  Ten Energy maintains crews of experienced mechanics led by seasoned supervisors and foremen ready to support your rotating equipment needs.

Ten Energy employees have performed new installations, major overhauls, general maintenance, daily maintenance, foundation and skid repairs, alignments, and other repairs on many different types of rotating equipment.   We are experienced with axial compressors, centrifugal split-line compressors and barrel compressors, boiler feed-water pumps, expanders, gear boxes, speed reducers, electric motors and generators, blowers, fans, and fluid pumps, in addition to other varieties of equipment.  Ten Energy crews have worked in the petrochemical facilities, refineries, power plants, offshore production facilities, and pipeline compressor stations performing daily maintenance duties, minor inspections, major overhauls, turnarounds, and new installations.  Whatever your need, we can fill it.

Remember…If your facility needs some simple maintenance, a shaft alignment check performed, a bearing and seal inspection, a dry gas seal replacement, or a complete overhaul and rotor swap…. 

Ten Energy is here to support you.

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