Specialty Alignment Services

Ten Energy offers specialty alignment services (beyond simple shaft alignment checks) as a managed service to support our clients while other Ten Energy services are being performed onsite.  Our expertise in alignment checks and corrections is called upon often to ensure that our client’s best interest is looked after.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Reciprocating compressor internal alignment checks, main bore bearing saddle and journal alignment checks and mapping using either optics or laser.
  • Compressor throw/cylinder alignment checks
  • Equipment level checks and flatness checks, mapping of machined surfaces, split lines etc.
  • Thermal growth checks – cold to hot optical survey for implementation of cold shat offset.
  • XYZ Measurements for foundation repairs – As-found location measurements of principle machinery before foundation repairs, followed by relocation measurements before grouting pour.
  • Internal component measurements/alignment checks of compressor or turbine stationary components.

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