Critical Equipment Maintenance/Plant Maintenance Services/New Construction

The staff of Ten Energy possesses a long history of Critical Equipment Maintenance and Plant Maintenance services.  We maintain crews of experienced mechanics led by seasoned supervisors and foremen ready to fill whatever the scope of work is.

We can maintain your most critical pieces of equipment with the goal of improving their run time.  We monitor and maintain these pieces of equipment daily with a full-time maintenance team onsite, specifically there for these pieces of critical equipment. As deficiencies are discovered, repair plans are developed and executed which limit downtime. Our goal is to increase reliability and aid in developing strategies which improve our client’s profitability. 

Alternatively, your facility may prefer to have a crew onsite performing general maintenance tasks site-wide daily, yet be available instantly to respond like a “pit crew” to get your critical equipment back up and running as soon as possible.  Either way, Ten Energy is here to support you.

Ten Energy employees have performed all duties related to plant maintenance and construction, whether it be day-to-day maintenance and repair, new installations, major overhauls during turnarounds, foundation or skid repairs, alignments, or other services.  You can bet that Ten Energy is prepared to support your maintenance goals.   We are experienced with all forms of rotating and reciprocating equipment and have been called upon to assist in piping projects from time to time as well.  Regardless of your need you can count on Ten Energy to support your goals.

Each Ten Energy maintenance crew is equipped with its own trucks & tools to help support the assigned job task. We are equipped to perform laser alignments in order to ensure no problems arise due to misalignment problems. Maintenance crews are ready at a moment’s notice to prevent the costly downtime of any equipment.

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