Foundation Repair

Ten Energy offers foundation repair services as a managed service to support our clients while other Ten Energy services are being performed onsite.  Our expertise in foundation repair is called upon often to ensure that our client’s best interest is looked after.

Foundation problems and alignment problems are a major problem inherent to rotating and reciprocating equipment.  Whether your problem is discovered during a web-deflection check, frame pull-down check, or during a laser alignment check, Ten Energy is available to assist you in rectifying the problem using the most reputable foundation vendor available.   Whether the scope calls for:

  • chipping and regrouting
  • complete replacement of the foundation
  • removing and re-pouring new chocks

We’re prepared to:

  • Disassemble and remove your equipment
  • Oversee the XYZ & elevations checks
  • Coordinate and oversee the chip out and reconstruction of your foundation
  • Set and locate your repaired equipment
  • Coordinate the completion of your regrout including forming, pouring and sealing of your repaired foundation.

Whether your equipment is a large reciprocating compressor, or a 30hp electric driven Gould fluid pump that has alignment or foundation problems, Ten Energy can help you obtain your maintenance & repair goals.   

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