Reciprocating Equipment Services

Reciprocating compressor work is the bread and butter of Ten Energy.  Contained within the staff of Ten Energy is a long history of Reciprocating Equipment support.  Ten Energy maintains crews of experienced mechanics led by seasoned supervisors and foremen who are willing and able to support anything thrown our way.

Our employees are experienced with reciprocating diagnostics, new installations, all degrees of inspections, major overhauls, re-grouts, specialty alignments, and repairs on many different types of reciprocating equipment.  Our experience ranges include high speed, medium speed, and low speed reciprocating compressors of both frame and integral types, as well as internal combustion engines.  We are experienced in motor driven, steam driven, and engine driven equipment.   We’ve performed work in refineries, petrochemical environments, power plants, pipeline stations, and offshore production facilities.

Remember, if a reciprocating compressor in your facility needs any of the following performed:

  • Minor PM
  • Annual inspection
  • Packing job
  • Rings & riders on a single throw
  • Crankcase inspection
  • Frame cutdown/rebore and re-grout
  • Anything recip related, you name it, we’re on it.

Ten Energy is here to support your needs.

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